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January 1, 2013


My earliest comic obsession — and probably my earliest motivation to sound out multisyllabic words — was the work of Charles Schulz. I studied his technique and narrative structure before I even knew what those terms meant. I drew countless Charlie Browns, Linuses, Snoopies and Woodstocks on the bark-laden pulpy newsprint sheets which were provided in my grade school and gave many of them as gifts to classmates.

As an adult, I have seldom drawn any Peanuts characters, but due in part to the Charlie-Browniness of the Christmas season these days (and the rest to a shared appreciation of the excellence of the source material), I found myself drawing a caricature of my pal Cliff as he might have appeared on a Schulz Sunday page. It was a delightful exercise in appreciating the sophisticated simplicity of Schulz’ work, and a fun challenge.

Ultimately, after receiving the original, Cliff declared it a “Schulzeriffic gift”. The enthusiastic coining of such a fine term was all the thanks I needed.

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