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My Drawing of a Blueline Hummingbird

March 4, 2012

I really like the look of blueline work — that is, the blue-pencil sketches that help an artist zero in on which lines to ink in a drawing. My own sketches have started celebrating and exploring this more…actually using the blue tone to give the inks some shading and tonality.

That’s the case with this little chap. He seems happy.


My Drawing of Why I Haven’t Blogged Lately

February 14, 2012

I’ve actually been drawing. A lot. More than usual.

But with prolific drawing comes a certain blogging inertia, such that my few days off in December turned into two months of nothing.

So, we’ll just say I’m backlogged. Or that I have a back log. As seen here.

Please laugh at my joke.

Thank you.

Process: My Drawing of a Mutated Soup Cat

December 16, 2011

Some time ago I offered to do some illustrations for friends, based on custom information they provided via an online survey. Now that it’s close to the end of the year, I’m actually getting around to drawing them.

In this case, some operative words were monster, cat, and soup. So I started blue-lining a rough idea involving a monster cat enjoying some soup.


Once I knew what I wanted to do, I started inking it, giving definition to the specific lines I liked and building up thicker areas for depth.


Another element of the process was  not crossing lines…I only used parallels and no crosshatching.


The final product turned out pretty well…I was happy with it, and liked that it retained the sketchiness of the original blues.

Also, that cat dude is crazy. I like it when a character kind of surprisingly presents himself.

My Drawing of a Breakfast Pal

November 21, 2011

While having breakfast with the Boy and some friends the other day, I sketched this fellow on the placemat with the crayons provided. The syrup caddy at the diner seemed to have quite a personality.

Not sure if anyone else heard him talk, though.


My Drawing of Some Serious Bidness

November 16, 2011

My agency put together this eBook with some great insights into marketing strategies. I was able to provide a number of illustrations for it, including the cover, which was total fun.

It’s always great to mix your passion with your day job…I’m feeling very fortunate this week.

The book is free…you can download it here.

My Drawing of a Hobo Nickeler

November 14, 2011

I agreed to participate in a photoshoot today that required me to sketch on camera. This is fun stuff, and I’ll get paid to draw any day. Tell your friends.

We got onto the subject of hoboes, and the photog mentioned to me that hoboes used to carve different faces in to nickels…so that became the subject of my sketch.

This guy—a lovable transient known as 50-cent Pete—was quite the efficient nickeler…he could do ten at at time, as he saw it, by just carving a 50-cent piece.

It’s that kind of thinking that gets a fellow places.

My Drawing of a Critical Robot

November 10, 2011

Whatever he’s lookin’ at, he doesn’t like it.

I didn’t finish him because he seemed annoyed at the prospect of it.

Way to emote, Mr. Robot!